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BIPSA Project Report

In October 2011, the London Region MISA PNC commissioned a project to support school boards in their region with Board Improvement Planning for Student Achievement (BIPSA). Two consultants, Ann McKerlie and Annemarie Petrasek, were approached by the project sub-committee to work on the project. When the project began, the project sub-committee consisted of Steve Killip (TVDSB), Sally Landon (GEDSB), and Vince Trocchi (HPCDSB). As the project continued, Annemarie Petrasek (HPCDSB), Cheryl Mancuso (DSBN) and Jen Tye (DSBN) joined the sub-committee. Six project components were completed:

  • A literature review on improvement planning in both the educational sector and other relevant   public and private organizations.
  • Scheduled visits and consultations with district teams to develop an understanding and summary  of the significant issues in developing, implementing, and monitoring improvement planning in their districts.
  • A synthesis of plans and literature – where are the key strengths, challenges, and gaps that exist for districts.
  • Specific, hands on consultation to local board improvement planning teams based on the project information collected as well as the literature.
  • The development of a toolkit to be used as a resource for districts as they work through the  process of improvement planning.
  • Resource materials shared with Ministry representatives in an effort to better improve provincial practices.

This report documents the project process and findings, which called for an online toolkit to further support districts in their improvement planning.

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