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The “Creating Conditions for Excellence” conference highlights the recent work of the committees of the London Region Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Professional Network Centre (PNC) and how this work aligns with the renewed goals for education in Ontario, as per Achieving Excellence.  

The workshops focused on equity include presentations by members of the South Team of the new Réseau de Savoir sur l’Équité/Equity Knowledge Network (RSEKN) established by the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER).

Our keynote speakers, Mark Tewksbury, Olympic medalist and humanitarian, and his coach, Debbie Muir, will provide two engaging presentations.

Building Innovative and Effective Teams

Traits: Expand Your Perspective—Act Effectively—Create Synergy

The first part of this program shows the downfalls of having a myopic perspective.  See how experiencing things differently lays the foundation for innovation to happen.  Then the focus shifts to collaboration.  How do you bring out people’s best, get the right expertise together, and ensure innovative ideas get shared across an organization?

Going Beyond: Raising the Bar on Performance

Traits: Utilize Power of Thought—Create Synergy—Generate Enthusiasm—Continually Evolve

The first part of this program looks at creating some excitement and energy around what you are doing, and explore where there is room for improvement.  It is important to be part of a culture that continually challenges itself to be better. The second part looks at key factors that drive performance for world class teams and organizations.  How do you measure up?

Session Descriptors & Presentation Files

Data Privacy in a Digital World

Students growing up in a digital age have no control over their personal information because of what others have done. This session focuses on ethics, risks and consent, as well as promising practices to protect student privacy.

Powerpoint Presentation [.PDF]

Presented by: Sally Landon, HWDSB & Kelly Roberts, MISA Lead, WCDSB

Changing Mindset in a Changing World: Educating Against Storied Assumptions in Schools

Income inequality is a complex issue. In our current society steeped in myths, stereotypes and assumptions, how can we work together to change mindset? The audience will be engaged with how school districts are working to create a shift in teaching and leadership practices in order to narrow the gap for systemic barriers, and to move beyond tolerance, to equity and action in education.

Presented By: Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker, Professor, Faculty of Education, Brock University

Assessment & Evaluation

In this interactive session, participants will co-develop a process for curriculum deconstruction, from overall expectations to evaluation.

Powerpoint Presentation [.PPTX]

Assessment Cards [.DOCX]

Infographic [.PDF]

Presented By: Michelle Hemingway, Teaching and Learning Coach, AMDSB

Creating Conditions for Student Well-Being

The Niagara Catholic District School Board has determined the need for social-emotional learning (SEL) and work has begun to target deficits in self-regulation, executive function and well-being of students. This interactive workshop will provide information about the implementation of various resources and programs to support SEL and opportunities to engage in mindfulness practices.

Powerpoint Presentation [.PPTX]

Presented By: Rose Gentilcore, EY Coach & Alfonso Monachino, Behaviour Resource Teacher, NCDSB

Staff Well-Being

This workshop will explore the fundamentals of fostering and enhancing staff mental health and well-being within a tiered model of support. Central to this is the belief that when we care for ourselves, we are better able to care for those around us and ultimately model and promote positive mental health and well-being, creating a culture of wellness. Specific strategies and resources will be provided.

Presented By: Gail Lalonde, MH Lead & Glen Woodburn, Principal, TVDSB 

Monitoring Your Impact

System leaders from the Avon Maitland District School Board will share their process for developing a common framework for monitoring with their Program Team. This framework has provided an opportunity for coaches to monitor their impact as they support teachers and administrators.

Presented By: Sandy Kunkel, MISA Lead & April Smith, System Principal of Program, AMDSB

Equity: The Direction, the Development and the Data

Equity is a priority for all school boards but the equity priorities across school boards can look very different. This session will highlight the multifaceted nature of equity as the experiences and challenges of using existing data (EQAO, Report Cards, Credit Accumulation) and newly collected data (workforce census) in the Durham District School Board are shared through an equity lens.

Presented By: Chris Conley, Research Analyst, MISA Lead, DDSB

Equity Education for All

Despite the Ontario goal of excellent education for all, students with disabilities still experience inordinate barriers to accessing meaningful academic and social engagement in school. This workshop will present findings from research that the presenters have been involved with over the last few years and will use stories of participants as a means for workshop attendees to discuss solutions to equity education for all.

Powerpoint Presentation [.PDF]

Presented By: Jacqueline Specht, Professor, Western University, Sheila Bennett, Professor, Monique Somma, Assistant Professor, & Tiffany Gallagher, Associate Professor, Brock University

Tools for Teaching Disability Awareness, Accessibility and Inclusion 

The Rick Hansen Foundation School Program seeks to remove barriers that impede student achievement, educate about equity, inclusion and access and create a culture where it is intuitive to include. This workshop will demonstrate how the toolkits offered correspond to Ontario curriculum and educational priorities, such as Achieving Excellence, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Safe and Accepting Schools and Ontario’s most recent Education Equity Action Plan.

Powerpoint Presentation [.PDF]

Presented By: Dawn Campbell, Senior Coordinator, Rick Hansen School Foundation Program

Please Note:

  • Registration is open from February 23rd to March 30th.
  • The London PNC will pay for registration, refreshments, and lunch.
  • Accommodations for those traveling more than 100km will be made by and paid by the PNC.
  • Equity Knowledge Network (RSEKN) participants are not eligible for hotels.
  • Event Address: Best Western Lamplighter Inn, 591 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6C 4R3
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