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Project Toolkit – Leadership

Leadership is the exercise of influence on organizational members and diverse stakeholders toward the identification and achievement of the organization’s vision and goals.

Leadership is second only to teaching in its impact on student learning. What is the role of leadership in improvement planning?  Principals and vice principals play an essential role as school leaders and supervisory officers, in turn, play a critical role in putting in place supportive system practices and procedures.

Another important component of success within a school is teacher leadership.  A culture of shared leadership in improvement planning is absolutely necessary. Board and school improvement planning should be an inclusive process where collaboration and equal participation are central.  Members should be involved from all levels of the board including superintendents, administrators, teachers, students, and if possible, parents/community members.

This section explores the topic of leadership, specifically the variety of forms leadership can take in the improvement planning process, and supports to assist educators in building coherence and aligning practices across schools and districts.

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